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Last updated: 07/12/21

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Services in Education

Gendered Intelligence offers a number of different trans training packages for staff in schools, colleges, universities and youth services. We also provide consultancy for educational institutions. We deliver one-to-one mentoring for young trans, non-binary and gender questioning young people. We offer educational workshops, lectures and assemblies for students to learn about gender diversity. You'll find a brief summary of all services on this page - click the links for full details.

Staff Trans Awareness Training

We are well-versed in training educational professionals. Around 30% of our training takes place in educational settings.

We can provide one or more sessions specifically for your school at a date and time convenient to you.

We also run regular general CPD sessions that anyone wishing to be inclusive of trans people in their working life can attend to learn more about trans issues, and what trans inclusion typically involves. This is often suitable if you are a sole trader or a very small organisation; or if you wish to try us out before bringing us in house.

Consultancy and Other Support

We can bring our non-judgmental approach to support you to work through queries and challenges you may encounter. We also have experience and expertise in developing text and documentation, such as equality and inclusion policies and guidance, communications pieces, web content and similar.

One-to-One Mentoring for Students

We provide one-to-one mentoring to trans, non-binary and gender questioning people in educational settings. This can be delivered remotely, or provided face-to-face when COVID allows.

Workshops, Lectures and Assemblies for Students

We can provide workshops themed around gender / LGBTQI identities to help pupils of all ages understand diversity. These may be especially beneficial to encourage understanding amongst the peers of trans students in your school or youth service.

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