Last updated: October 2021

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In light of the Coronavirus situation, we have adapted our face to face training for an online environment, and virtually all the options and variations listed below are now available for remote delivery.

Trans Awareness Training - In House Options

With an estimated 1% of the population falling somewhere on the broad “trans” spectrum, public facing organisations are likely to encounter a range of diverse trans people in the course of their professional work. Employers, too, need to be ready and able to welcome, include and support trans people as part of their workforce.

Gendered Intelligence offers a fully flexible range of in-house trans awareness training options from one hour to two days and beyond that can support you in developing the awareness and practices you need in your setting.
All our sessions touch on the wider range of gender diverse identities associated with the trans umbrella, including non binary and gender fluid people as well as those who may be gender questioning.

We are very happy to travel anywhere in the UK, and have also worked internationally.

Here are some popular examples of our sessions...

Our half day “Introduction to Trans Awareness” (3.5 hour face to face / 2 x 2 hour remote)
This is a highly interactive session for between 4 and 15 people, which gives opportunity for discussion and questions around the key topics in a relatively short period of time.

During this session we:
• Set the wider context for trans identities - how sex, gender and sexual orientation interact
• Explore key terms and uses of language
• Offer basic grounding in the legislation around the rights and responsibilities around trans identities
• Begin to explore how an organisation can ensure it is being trans-inclusive
• Provide links to a wide range of resources

This is a great place to start if you have limited time as it packs a lot in. It develops good levels of confidence in a relatively short session.

They managed the time and pace of the session very well. They created a positive and inclusive environment that was very conducive to learning and personal growth. I think today was a great foundation for the team to be able to improve our work and ensure that our services, approach, communication and organisation becomes a more inclusive organisation - Vic, CEO, Become, 2021

Our full day “Trans Awareness and Inclusion” (6 hour face to face / 3-4 x 2 hour remote)
This covers everything that “Introduction to Trans Awareness” does, and the rest of the day is bespoke to your needs with extra content, extra Q&A, extra scenario work or a combination according to your needs.

A full day allows space for people to consider the material and start to ask more in-depth questions. It’s particularly valuable for those in roles involving longer term supportive relationships such as counselling / mental health / therapeutic roles, staff in young people’s residential settings and similar. It's also good for more specialist areas such as sport or physical health where there is more to consider.

“A great presenter, very knowledgeable, a very enjoyable day. Thank you! In my role I mainly see the 'dysphoria' but you've opened my eyes to the 'euphoria' that exists.” - NHS Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, 2021

Our short “Trans Awareness: The Basics” package (90 minute face to face / 105 minute remote)
This typically comprises a 1 hour presentation with 30 mins Q&A threaded through.
The core presentation touches on broadly the same themes as the half day session, but in less depth and with more limited scope for exercises. The Q&A provides an important interactive element, enabling people to bring the focus of the session onto the key issues that matter to them and particular questions they might have.

These shorter sessions are a good way to introduce the subject to a wider audience who need basic awareness, and/or where very limited time is available.

Working Alongside Trans, Gender Diverse and Questioning People
A two-day training course for therapists and counsellors, linked to GI's Therapists and Counsellors Network. Face-to-face only

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Contact Cathy to find out more detail, chat through which option(s) might be right for your organisation and/or to request a formal quotation / outline prices.

Cathy can be reached via [email protected]

Trans Awareness Training - for Individuals

We run open sessions of "Introduction to Trans Awareness" roughly monthly in London

Education and other youth settings

We also deliver training, consultation and policy development as part of wider educational support packages for schools, colleges, universities and other educational settings, with additional workshops, assemblies and presentations for students as well as our mentoring scheme for young trans people:

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