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Last updated: 07/12/21

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Professional and Educational Services - Overview

Gendered Intelligence’s Professional and Educational Services department offers a broad spectrum of practical services that enable organisations and individuals to:

We work with all sizes and types of organisations across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. We work wherever we are needed, throughout the UK, and increasingly internationally.

Our staff have a wealth of experience, qualifications, community connections, and a depth and breadth of trans-related knowledge that is second to none.

We are thought leaders in this field, and bring positivity, passion, professionalism and an open, non-judgmental approach to everything we do. Working with GI enables nuanced discussion and innovation in inclusive practices to the benefit of all.

We believe everyone can be intelligent about gender.

Please download our brochure for a full overview of our services and pricing structure

Our services

Staff training

Over 1,500 training sessions delivered to over 30,000 people by our qualified trainers; standard and bespoke courses; specialist courses for sports organisations and therapists/counsellors; live remote delivery. To find out more about our training check our Training page.

Wide-ranging consultancy

Creating, co-producing or reviewing written materials, such as policy, guidance, communications, FAQs, scripts and more e.g. the first national “A Guide to Including Trans People in Football” (Football Association), and “Providing Services for Transgender Customers: A guide” (Government Equalities Office); information gathering via surveys, focus groups and/or desktop review; developing in-house training content for internal cascade; addressing particular questions or concerns; problem-solving …and more!

To find out about the range of our consultancy work check our Consultancy page.

Speakers / panellists for events and conferences

Keynotes, speeches, themed talks, Q&As. To find out more about our speakers and panellists check our dedicated page.

Therapists and Counsellors Network

Access to specialist group supervisions, directory listing and information updates. To find out more about our Therapists and Counsellors Network check our dedicated page.

Workshops, lectures and assemblies

Age-appropriate sessions for students from primary age to graduate level. To find out more about workshops, lectures and assemblies check our Education page.

Free Resources

For a range of free resources for organisations wishing to develop their trans inclusivity, visit our Resources for Professionals page.

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