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A list of some of the ways people who attend our youth group identify: Transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, intersex, trans man, trans woman, trans boy, trans girl, genderqueer, and many more.

Youth Groups

Gendered Intelligence runs trans youth groups in London and Leeds for a range of ages from 7 to 30. We also run a peer-led support group in London for those aged 18-30.

Our youth groups are open to all young trans people, no matter how you identify or whether you are questioning your gender. We use trans as an umbrealla term and are fully inclusive of non-binary individuals; please don't worry about not feeling 'trans enough'.

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Knowledge is Power: A Guide for Young Trans People

Knowledge is Power: A guide for Young Trans People is an update on a resource from 2015 (see below), providing key information for young trans people, as well as families, carers, friends and loved ones. This resource includes key information about exploring your gender, accessing support, finding community, transition, gender expression and style guides, mental health, sports groups, legal rights as well trans joy and much more!

Through this resource you can gain a better understanding of how to navigate the world as a young trans person, and find empowering and useful knowledge for wherever you may be on your trans or gender questioning journey. It is written by the community for the community and we hope you will find it useful.

We would like to thank Santi from G(end)er Swap for contributing an invaluable style guide, our amazing colleagues at Galop for their insights and our colleagues/community members across Gendered Intelligence for their contributions on trans joy.

The resource is free and downloadable as a pdf below. We are producing a shorter, less text heavy version for anyone who may need - watch this space!

Knowledge is Power (Resource from 2015)

Knowledge is Power is a new on-line resource from Gendered Intelligence for young trans and gender variant people, their families and those who support them.

Over a 12 month period, we gathered information and experiences from young trans, gender variant and questioning people through a series of youth sessions. We also assembled research and writing from a diverse team of Gendered Intelligence community members.

Our Knowledge is Power project will provide you with lots of information, but it’s up to you to convert that into knowledge.

Knowledge is Power is a Big Lottery funded project.

Trans Youth Camping Trip

Since 2010, we've taken young trans people on a weekend camping trip: an annual opportunity to take part in lots of fun activities and spend time with other young trans people. This is open to young trans people from the age of 11 – 25 years. Read more.

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